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Understanding and Optimizing Maintenance Spend
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Author: Jay Kinberger

Learn how to set up systems that will enable your company to identify opportunities, and measure progress to enable your facility to operate at the desired level of production reliability and in the most competitive position as possible. Identifying/prioritizing/planning/scheduling the right amount of maintenance is only half of the battle.  Management then needs to know that this maintenance is done as planned and scheduled. If not, what work was done? Did it take more or less manpower than optimum? Was the cost more, or less than optimum? In order to be able to answer these questions companies need to have data that is set up with the end in mind. It must be consistent across all of their sites, and be transparent to upper levels of management. It must also be available on a daily basis in order to control spend instead of just reacting on a monthly basis.

Pillar 5: Work Management
Type: Presentation
Published: 2018
Category: e-Proceedings