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Author: Larry Hoing​

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”. When it comes to success in the business of maintenance and reliability, it truly takes endurance. Endurance enough to sustain any positive ground you have made, and an endurance mindset to institutionalize the culture change that has taken place. Leadership must chart the course. “Anybody can steer the ship, it takes a leader to chart the course” (John Maxwell). A good captain must plan and determine how he and his crew will get from point A to point B. Leadership must understand the current condition and capabilities of the organization and identify the gaps. Getting a culture to change is only half the battle. Through utilizing good organizational leadership practices, developing people and raising up leaders, even the most frozen organizational culture can thaw and the climate (culture) can be maintained.

Pillar 4: Organization & Leadership
Type: Presentation
Published: 2018
Category: e-Proceedings