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The Asset Management Landscape Second Edition
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There have been major global advances in Asset Management standards, models and principles over the last two decades. The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management determined that there is a benefit in aligning these various advances and collaborating to develop a collective view, in particular for organizations that operate asset management systems in many countries.

The first edition of the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape (Landscape) was published by the GFMAM in November 2011 to achieve this ambition. At the time of the publication of the first edition, it was agreed that the Landscape would be reviews in 2014 against the publication of ISO 5500x, and would incorporate developments in our understanding of asset management. Feedback on the first edition of the Landscape also showed that it was being used far more widely than initially envisaged. As well, the subject descriptions were considered to be at too high a level for developing the requirements for the GFMAM projects such as the ISO 55001 Auditor/Assessor competencies.

A detailed review was carried out by GFMAM members during 2013, and a brief details of the review criteria and process are given Appendix B: Landscape Review.

This document contains the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape, Second Edition, English Version including the subjects and fundamentals that depict the discipline of asset management.

Each GFMAM member incorporates this Landscape as part of their asset management framework. An asset management framework shows how and where a member's 'knowledge and practices' fit within the Asset Management Landscape.