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Weibull Parameters Sequence Behavior of Failure Modes to Improve Maintenance Strategies
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Author: Carlos Recalde

This session evaluates the behavior of Weibull parameter sequences of failure modes, in order to give insights and to improve selection and application of maintenance activities. These activities are developed by most of the maintenance strategies, which sometimes assume random failures. This premise is assumed because of the ease in applying basic reliability terms like mean time between failures (MTBF) and mean time to failure (MTTF), and because of the difficulties to evaluate failure causes. To avoid this issue, it is proposed the application of a distribution-based method like the two-parameter Weibull distribution, which is best for modelling each period of the bathtub curve. These periods are related to cause of failures like early, degradation and random failures. The Weibull parameters sequence was developed with an Excel Visual Basic Application. Understanding Weibull parameter sequence behavior according to periods of bathtub curve may help to improve decision making and focus all maintenance efforts. 

Pillar 2 & 3: Equipment Reliability & Manufacturing Process Reliability

Type: Presentation

Published: 2018

Category: e-Proceedings