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Labor Skills in the Maintenance Department for Industry 4.0
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Author: Tomas Marzullo & Brian Smith

The evolution of industry 3.0 to industry 4.0 identified by German scientists is a reality. Internet of Things (IoT) devices, machine learning, communication platforms, computer systems located in the clouds, and analysis of big data are some elements brought by industry 4.0. The challenge created by industry 4.0 in the maintenance department is within the workforce when we think about what skills mechanics, electricians and maintenance practitioners should have to keep this new technology running, how design engineers are adapting to this new knowledge when they need to define the new equipment/technology to be incorporated in the manufacturing, and what will be the organizational structure of the company in relation to the maintenance department and IT with regard to maintaining this new technology. This presentation explores the issues cited using literature review and field research and will assist managers and maintenance directors in understanding the impact of industry 4.0.

Pillar 5: Work Management
Type: Presentation
Published: 2018
Category: e-Proceedings