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Evolucion de la Gestion de Mantenimiento Hacia la Confiabilidad Caso de Exito Ingredion Columbia
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Author: Andres Felipe Hurtado, Carlos Padilla

Competitiveness brings many challenges. These challenges require a faster response, an anticipation of the client’s needs and, above all, a reliable supply chain to uphold delivery commitments. In the case of maintenance management, there is a requirement to not only respond to the mission objectives of increasing the reliability and availability of assets, but also to contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the business and the operation. The purpose of this work is to share the results, experiences and lessons learned regarding the process of transforming maintenance management at the company Ingredion Colombia S.A., incorporating the principal concepts of reliability and adopting best practices considered as benchmarks. The presentation will focus on the principal strategies and sources of work, results achieved, lessons learned, and next steps, considering that this experience is part of a 5-year strategic plan.

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Type: Presentation
Published: 2019
Category: e-Proceedings