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El Angulo En Las Inspecciones De Ultrasonido En Lineas De Transmision Y Sistemas Enclaustrados
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Author: Hugo Pererira

One of the most important issues across our industries is that engineers are not implementing predictive technologies to prevent stoppages and reduce costs at plants. This is a serious problem in Latin American and worldwide. Every year, thousands of electricians are injured or killed in their work. Safety and industrial organizations all over the world are implementing regulations prohibiting workers from opening electrical panels to perform maintenance unless they are working under safe conditions, and guaranteeing that the safety training and knowledge of the equipment transferred to all those involved in the maintenance operation are adequate. In my presentation, I will talk about how to implement technologies to take better advantage of them and detect incipient problems at the plant to give a better, longer life to company assets and complying with industrial safety regulation and standards.

Type: Presentation
Published: 2019
Category: e-Proceedings