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Digitalizacion de la Gestion de Mantenimiento Y Soluciones en Tiempo Real
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Author: Rene Canales

Equipment and technology evolve in parallel with processes, methodologies and management strategies. To be effective, technology has to coincide with the evolution of the processes that satisfy the optimization of operations, reduction of life cycle costs and increased reliability in all high-level aspects of production such as strategy, implementation, execution of work and operationally and maintenance factors. In the case of modernizing the areas of operations and maintenance, this should be the norm; however, generally we encounter the opposite. We attempt to adapt our processes, strategies, planning, etc. as new technologies arrive, especially copying foreign models that are successful in other areas or industries far removed from our own models, encountering challenges with application and the resistance of some sectors to business digitalization.

Type: Presentation
Published: 2019
Category: e-Proceedings